Bluff your way to a win

The gambling industry has seen an insane growth over the last few years, and so has the online gaming market. With tons of new games coming out, incredible high-quality visuals and great features, who can dare ignore this trend? As gambling strategies improve so do bluffing techniques. This article is going to give you a bit of a taste on what bluffing is all about.

First off, let’s see what bluffing means, technically. Bluffing, at its core, means trying to win a hand in Poker (usually, but you can bluff in other games as well), with a group of cards that is not exactly the winning hand. But, if you keep your poker face on and you are pretty confident, you might just trick the competition into falling into the trap.

So, as you’re trying to make your opposing players fold, your profitability goes up. Your technique will also improve with every won bluff; just make sure no one calls your bluff. This will push you towards revealing your hand, and again, if it’s not the strongest, you will lose.

There are a few types of bluffs: the pure bluff, the semi-bluff, and the “other games” bluff- other games besides Poker of course.

The Pure Bluff is also called a Stone-Cold Bluff. This should actually be called the ultimate bluff because your hand is pretty bad and there are very slim chances of that changing. In this case the stakes are the highest they can be, as the bluffing player will need all other players to fold in order to win the hand. In terms of odds, this way of bluffing has a higher chance of not getting called.

If your hand is relatively weak but there are chances it will improve then you’ll be making a semi-bluff. This is obviously different from the pure bluff because you actually have some cards in your hand that could help you get the win. With a semi-bluff there’s a bit of wiggle room there, in that you could either receive a card that will raise the value of your hand or the other players will fall for your bluff and fold. So, unlike the pure bluff, which requires a fold for a win, this semi-bluff gives you two options.

The one thing you must watch out for, that will raise or lower your winning odds significantly, is the probability of being “called out”. In the case where you have fewer opponents that need to fold their hand, your chances of a winning bluff increase. If the pot odds are not favorable for a call then you can rest assured that no one will “call your bluff”.

If you receive a card that might just balance the hand in your favour other players might get the queue and fold. Otherwise, you still have a strong hand and could win regardless of the bluff working or not. If you play smart then you must schedule your whole game around the bluff hand you want to boast. Most often than not players will buy it and let you have the pot.