Familiarize Yourself with the Terminology of Online Slots

The very early slot games were played with a lever and button. But with the advent of modern technology, slot games have advanced to a sophisticated level, where online glossaries are needed to constantly keep players in the loop.

The following is a list containing some of the more common terms encountered in online slot games.

It is the total amount of money or cash that a player deposits as a net for a determined period of time.

Auto play
Auto play or the speed play feature is a button that has many functions. It allows players to spin the reels within pre-determined parameters. Using this button, players can choose auto play options, such as the number of spins, the number of seconds between the spins, when to stop the slot machine and when to restart it. This feature is good for many users because this allows them to take breaks and resume playing at any later time. It permits them to play smaller and calculated games.

The players see the button on a slot machine with a rectangular shape, and the word BAR is printed on these buttons. All slot machines have bars.

Bet max
This is the optimum amount a player can use to bet on a spin. For this purpose, the player just needs to execute a function that can run the bet max button, and when pressed once, it will start working automatically. In most slot machines, the bet max button is available so that the players can claim their wins on progressive jackpots.

Bonus game
This is a secondary event available to players to compete for extra wins.

Buy a feature
All slot machines have a bonus feature which can be unlocked when they bet money.

Buy a play
A slot machine that comprises a pay plan that is only applicable when multiple coins are used for the bet.

A group of many slots machines is known as carousel.

Cheats can be made available on the internet via emails if a player wants to subscribe to them. These can be useful for some players, by offering them a winning start. If the payout increases, the player could potentially benefit from extra spins and can continue playing until his final win on the respective slot.

Sold machine
A slot machine, part of online slot glossary terms, doesn’t pay much because it’s associated with lower turnout percentage.

Coin free play
A slot machine is that utilizes tickets or printed tokens but not coins. It was developed because of increased player demand.

Credit signifies the total finances used by players when spinning the reels of these online slots. After winning or hitting the jackpot, players are rewarded with credits. One credit means one coin, and there is an option available where you can turn your credits into coins, whenever you want to withdraw your winning money.

This is the place where online casinos store money during a bet. When the hopper reaches maximum capacity, the remaining credit becomes casino profit. Hoppers are emptied out in the morning before the arrival of gamblers.

Progressive jackpot
This is a jackpot with ultra-progressive speed and fun, which attracts players with its fast pace. The payout ratio in progressive jackpots is better than in their regular counterparts, so they are always crowded with players.