Is Online Blackjack better than Live Blackjack?

All Blackjack fans have a reason to rejoice now that the Live version of the game has become available. Players who were already regulars of the game can now enjoy an optimized experience that will bring them even closer to a real-life casino one, all without having to leave their home.

Online Blackjack Advantages

While the online version of the game is made to simulate a real-life blackjack game, there is nothing that brings you closer to the real-life casino experience like a Live Dealer casino game.

Online blackjack is played through a RNG (Random Number Generator) just like in slots games, video poker and so on. While for some players this is enough reason to make them trust the technology used, some remain skeptical and prefer the Live version of the game over the online or download-based one, thus opening the list of differences between the two versions of the Blackjack game.

In favor of the online blackjack game is the argument that there are more variants available for it, but not just by comparison to Live Blackjack but also to land-based casino blackjack. The multitude of side bets or betting limits are also on the side of the online version of the game.

Another advantage that we simply can’t ignore is the privacy it offers you, so that you can enjoy the game without the constant background noise.

Live Blackjack Advantages

The Live version of Blackjack has set the minds of skeptical players at ease, and this alone can be considered one huge advantage. The interaction and authenticity the game provides are also a big plus and when you also get to choose your croupier from a selection of beautiful women, we can definitely state that this version of the game has won us over.

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