Slots games terminology

Get familiar with the online slots lingo by reading this complete list of slots games terminology. This way you will increase your knowledge about the game and be more prepared for it.


Bonus Feature – and extra way to win other than the conventional one
Bet – the amount wagered
Bet Max – betting the maximum possible amount
Classic slots – traditional slot game of 3 reels, which can also include wild and scatter symbols, multiple paylines or multipliers
Coin – units of the specific currency used to play slots
Coin size – denomination of the coin used to play slots
Coin per Spin – number of coins you use to bet on each game
Coins per Line – the amount you bet on each payline
Credits – currency used to represent money
Fruit machine – UK version of slots games
Frequency / Hit Rate – a term used to describe how often a slot pays winning combinations
Hit – a win
Jackpot – the higest possible win
Loose slots – machines that allegedly return a high percentage to players
Maximum bet – the maximum bet in coins
Multi-denominational – slots that accept different coin denominations
Multi-line – slots with more than one pay line
Max bet – maximum number of coins that you can play per spin
Pay line – the line on which symbols must align in order to achieve winning combinations
Pay out – amount paid to the player for a win
Pay out percentage – percentage of bets a slot game pays back
Pay table – list of payoffs for each winning combination, max bet options and bonuses
Progressive slots – a group of slots games that have the same jackpot
Progressive jackpot – a jackpot that grows progressively with each bet placed by players
Progressive ticker – section on the screen that indicates the current amount of the jackpot
Pokies – Australian slang for slots
RNG – Random Number Generator – a device that generates new numbers randomly and controls the spinning of the reels
Reel(s) – the rotating barrel on which the symbols appear
Rollup – playing sounds while the meter counts up to the amount won
Scatter symbol – special symbol on the reels that together with more of its kind forms winning combinations
Spin – when the reels are in motion
Stacked wilds – wild symbols positioned on top of each other
Symbol(s) – the pictures on the reels that will form combinations
Video slot(s) – a video representation of slots machines without reels, just a picture of spinning reels
Wild symbol – special symbol that together with more of its kind forms a winning combination
Wild multiplier – a wild symbol that also multiplies your wins in case of a winning combination
Winning combination(s) – a gathering of specific symbols that offer certain payouts according to the paytable