Tips for choosing an Online Slot Machine

Online casinos have a huge offering of Slot Machines for players and sometimes finding a suitable one can be a daunting task for players who are new to this. To start things off you need to understand that you can’t have only one criterion for making this choice. Players will have to take a lot of factors into consideration in order to choose the Slot Machine that best fits their needs. I’m going to give you a little insight into the options that are there for you when trying to find a good Slot Machine.

In today’s market all slot games have themes which are created through graphics, symbols and bonus games. Through these themes developers try to create a bond with a player’s interests and inclinations. That is why a lot of players will mostly wager on online slots with themes that they can empathize with. The reverse also stands true since players will generally avoid slot games with themes that they are not interested in. To give a simple example, when the FIFA World Cup started last year a lot of new slot games were launched in an effort to capitalize on this event. Most of them would just have backgrounds related to the game of football while some even had bonus games in which players could choose the jerseys of their favourite football team. Obviously this brought a lot of football enthusiasts but people who were not interested or aware of the World Cup couldn’t care less for these features. Luckily there are a lot of themes out there so any player can find something which fits his liking.

Another important factor that goes into the decision making of players relates to the payouts. All slots have an average return of around 95% so trying to differentiate games through this parameter is not really practical. However certain slot games are more volatile with their payouts while others are less so. The more volatile slots will offer larger payouts but will do so less frequently. This type of slot machine is suited to a player who doesn’t mind spending a big portion of their bankroll but they are not after the small wins. Slots that are less volatile will pay out more frequently but the won sums will be way smaller. This slot is more suitable for players that want to end a session of play with their bankrolls still intact. The inevitable question is how you can differentiate between these two types of slots. The volatile slots will have just a few symbols in the payout table with big payouts while the other symbols will only give small payouts. The less volatile slots will have their payouts grouped around a central value more often than not meaning that your odds of achieving a win are greatly increased.

In the end it all comes down to preference and if you’re just starting out you should try as many slot machines as possible to get an idea about every one of them. Sometimes just diving in and trying things for yourself is the best advice and nothing is different in this particular case.