Top 6 Online Casino Fun Facts Every Gambler Should Know

There are so many legends and crazy stories associated with gambling. But then there are also so many fun facts about the industry which will satisfy your curiosity for trivia. Here are some of the most intriguing fun casino facts related to the industry.

1. Cigar Jackpot

The first slot-like machine was introduced in the 1890s. You had to pay a nickel to spin the reels, which was done by pulling a lever. It would spin 5 drums (reels) containing 50 card symbols. If your spin was successful, the payout didn’t depend on the machine, but on the bar which owned the machine. Interestingly, it was the bar owner who decided what prize the winner would take home. It could range from a pair of free cigars to a beer on the house.

2. Funding Nixon’s Congress Campaign

Richard Nixon’s first congress campaign was funded by the money he won playing poker. Known as a presidential high roller, he managed to win $6,000 which ultimately helped him finance his political breakthrough. Ultimately, his gambling experience enabled Nixon to be sworn in the White House.

3. Woman Power in Gambling

There is a widely believed misconception that gambling has only recently surged in popularity among female demographics. But Eleanor Dumont, a French woman, was playing blackjack in casinos in California, even in the 1850s. She was not only playing and dealing cards, she made casino history because of her continued, outstanding success. She was posthumously nominated for the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2006.

4. Winner By Voting

Gambling is all about luck and skills. But here is one of the more intriguing fun casino facts. The 1970 World Series of Poker was the first addition of the famous tournament. Johnny Moss was the eventual WSOP champ, but not based on his winnings. Instead, he was voted the winner of the competition by his peers and fellow competitors. He was awarded the Silver Cup.

5. No 7 for 4 Hours 18 Minutes

Another casino facts statistics comes from 2009 when a grandmother, Patricia Demauro, from New Jersey visited Atlantic City and broke the world record for longest crap roll and the highest number of successive dice wins. She managed to overcome unfavourable odds of 1 in 1.56 trillion when she continued playing craps for 4 hours and 18 minutes without a 7. She never told anyone how much she won, it is believed that her winnings were in the millions in just one session.

6. Fisherman Millionaire

One of the largest online casino wins in the UK came from a spin of 20p. The amount of ₤5.4 million was won by none other than a fisherman. He played Hall of Gods, where he managed to turn a 20p bet turned into multi-millions. There are lots of similar casino trivia that can be as intriguing and fascinating. Who would have thought that a winner could be chosen in gambling through voting?